What is PPAS® EFB?
PPAS® EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) is the electronic version of PPAS® and as such replaces the booklets on the aircraft. It is available for stand-alone tablet devices (such as the iPad™), notebook computers and smartphones. Its primary purpose is to bring cost index solutions to non cost indexed equipped aircraft. It is ideally suited to military transport category aircraft, regional and corporate jet aircraft and third generation airliners that do not have cost index functionality.

Mission Index Flying software provides the airborne solutions that would normally have been generated from the cost index portion of an FMS. Once programmed, it displays optimal altitudes and optimal speeds to achieve the user defined objective of saving time, fuel or both. Solutions are for the entire flight regime of climb, cruise, descent, and hold. All speeds and altitudes are safe to fly as they are from the certified flight envelope and are buffet protected.