AASI provides specialized Pre-Flight Planning software and In-Flight Optimization booklets and software. Click the icons below for more detailed information.

Pre-Flight Planning Software:

  V.C.I. Plan C.D. 4 D. V.C.I. Plan CD.

Pre-flight planning software runs on a ground-based computer and is designed to be used by dispatchers.

2D-VCIPLAN® computes the optimal flight levels and speeds for a chosen route and a defined cost index.
4D-VCIPLAN® simultaneously computes the optimal routing and vertical flight profile.

In-Flight Optimization:

P.P.A.S. Booklet P.P.A.S.-E.F.B. C.D. P.P.A.S.E.F.B. C.D.

Cost Index optimization tools for pilots run on a portable laptop computer, smartphone or tablet device such as the iPad™, and do not require datalink connections to ground based support systems. They are available for all aircraft types and can be customized for specific fins. There are no installation, certification costs or associated downtime for the aircraft.

PPAS® booklets present optimal Mach / flight level profile and the safe flight envelope for all phases of flight in a tabular format. PPAS®-EFB displays enhanced information in a digital format. PPAS®-EFB with MFP gives pilots the additional ability to plan a complete flight without the assistance of a dispatcher.

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