Product Training

Cost Index flying is an extremely effective way for aircraft operators to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Significant gains can be realized with a proper understanding of the cost index concept, the proper selection of cost index value for each flight and pilot compliance.

AASI offers training courses for pilots, dispatchers and support personnel to ensure cost index concepts are well understood. Interactive training material can be provided for home study. In-house standup training also is available upon request.

The appropriate cost index depends on many factors including the specific route to be flown, the final objective, time of day, maintenance and crew costs, gate availability, and passenger connections. AASI is able to assess a client's operation and provide guidance on choosing appropriate cost index values.

Incorporating cost index procedures into the pilots' standard operating procedures is a very effective way to ensure pilot compliance. AASI has extensive experience in this area and will work to ensure cost index procedures are reflected in the SOPs.